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What is valued in the higher strata of modern society is the problem over which Tatyana Tolstaya is discussing. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What is valued in the higher strata of modern society is the problem over which Tatyana Tolstaya is discussing.

The writer with disgust speaks about the "cream" of the society of today's Russia, whose actions are governed only by gloss and glamor. The values &񗜻&񗜻of this circle of people are status and appearance: they are much "more important than true existence". So, to achieve the proper level, men get themselves young wives selected according to a certain type, and women, trying to get a job in a glossy magazine, torment themselves with diets: "After all, a fat man can not be shown: he is not in glamor."

The author's position is quite easy to define: "...

a suit is more important than a person, appearance is more important than the inside ...".

It is difficult not to agree with the opinion of T. Tolstoy. Indeed, if people used to think about their spiritual qualities, today a "beautiful wrapper" is important for a higher society, and the inner world of a person has no meaning.

Why do you think young women are now deciding on dangerous plastic surgery, or are they subjecting themselves to anorexia (fashionable depletion of the body) for fashion? Because being fat and ugly means becoming an outcast and thereby closing your way to a higher society.

But modern literature still gives us examples of a different kind. Let us recall Katya Belova, the heroine of the novel "Headache" by Yu. Korotkov. It would seem that the dream of many of its peers about a rich husband was realized. Victor is ready to put the whole world at the feet of a beautiful and obstinate Muscovite just because she is not like the glamorous girls with whom he used to communicate. But Katya does not want to live in a "golden cage", her bodyguards irritate her, she's bored at a fashionable get-together. The girl wants to achieve everything on her own.

Thus, I can conclude. Despite the fact that for the modern high society the situation and the "beautiful wrapper" are important, and the spiritual values, unfortunately, lost their importance, there still remained strong personalities, thinking about global things, and not about glamor.

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