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What is the significance of education in the life of society? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What is the significance of education in the life of society? Here is the problem over which AFLosev reflects.

In this text, the author discusses the benefits of education for man. Comparing the teaching of science with harvesting "on the land of a peasant, " he comes to the conclusion that both the bread-ridden farmer and the trainee must work hard enough to learn a lot before they provide themselves with material wealth at the expense of knowledge and labor. AF Losev draws our attention to the fact that many people sooner or later realize the importance of the doctrine, its role in the formation of the personality.

The position of the writer is easy to determine: education at all times has been of great importance in the formation and upbringing of the individual, the provision of material prosperity.

I completely share the author's point of view: only after realizing the true-true meaning of education, we will be able to benefit from it. This was repeatedly written by Russian writers and publicists.

A person who realized the importance of national education was the Russian Emperor Peter the Great. Only with him did the education and development of science be placed at the forefront: first educational institutions were created, boyar children were sent to institutions abroad.

The ruler believed that only a decent level of knowledge in Russia would help achieve the tasks set by him. Here it is, true

evaluation of education!

A.S. Makarenko in the "Pedagogical Poem" tells about the colony named after M.Gorky, the formation of which is a moral revolution in the upbringing of children and adolescents, which does not take place immediately, but through a long and selfless struggle of teachers and educators to form a personality. Is this not an example of the true meaning of gaining knowledge?

Drawing a conclusion, I want to say that education at all times was of particular importance in the formation of personality.


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