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Birch in spring (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Birch is considered a tree, symbolizing native Russian nature. That is why in Russian culture so many songs and poems are dedicated to this tree. About a birch tree, we read a lot and in folk tales. Artists are very fond of depicting birches in their landscapes. They always look very poetic - both in winter and in summer. Birch groves are always light, very beautiful.

I have my own favorite birch. She grows in a park, not far from our house. When I go out of school, I walk past this birch tree and often stop to admire it. She has a white bark, she is very tender in appearance, and in some places pinkish. When we talk about the seasons in the school, I always think about my tree, my favorite birch tree.

It shows very well how one season replaces another. In the summer, the birch is all green, as in a song in which it is sung that the birch stands in a green sarafan. In the autumn, its almost round yellow leaves resemble coins, which crumble very quickly. In winter, the birch is the most beautiful of all trees - it stands white on a white background, almost merges with snow, only black strips on the bark stand out. But my birch tree looks best in the spring.

As soon as it begins to warm up, I go up to the birch tree and check to see if her tiny buds begin to swell on thin, flexible branches that go down. For me, this is the most important sign: as soon as the kidneys slightly increased, it means that the spring has begun. And then I start to wait for the first leaves, they are so thin, bright, at first quite small. Simultaneously with them, the birch throws out earrings, which look very touching, tremble in the wind. Foliage is still such that does not obscure the earrings, they look like a real decoration. But the leaves grow rapidly. These days, every day I come to my birch tree, I watch how it grows ever greener, as more and more of its foliage grows thicker.

In spring birch sap is extracted from birch. This must be done before the tree has let out the leaves. In the bark, an incision is made, from which sweet transparent juice flows. To do this it is necessary, knowing how, otherwise it is possible to ruin a tree. I did not have to see this - only read books. On my birch no one did this. This is very good, otherwise I would be very sorry for her. I would have thought that she was very hurt. And I want my birch to rejoice in the spring with me, so that it will turn green and rustle with its leaves in the wind and cheer up everyone who admires it

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