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A good winter in the village (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Winter in the countryside is beautiful and interesting, but at the same time a difficult time. Snow is always there more than in the city: the warmth from houses, cars and heating mains does not melt it, and the wind sweeps snowdrifts into human growth, and even more. In many villages and towns there is no technique to clean it, and residents have to cope with the vagaries of the weather themselves, armed with shovels.

But the snow in the village is white-white, shiny, not spoiled by various chemicals. They are so cool to sculpt snowmen, and play snowballs, and ride a roller coaster! Gorka in the village can be made great, high, you can not be afraid that you will take to the busy city road. And you can go to the forest to ski - nothing compares to the winter forest landscape and fresh frosty air!

Winter rural life is very different from summer.

It is no longer necessary to look after the garden, but you need to monitor the house. The villager needs to repair all the damages in the house for the winter, repair the inventory, stock up everything necessary for the summer season, because in summer there will be no time for it. In winter, villagers spend most of their time in their homes, and most of the work they need to do in a short winter light-day. Despite the fact that almost everywhere now there is electricity, it is not very convenient to farm, when the window is dark-dark.

But on long winter evenings it's so great to gather all together with the stove or near the fireplace! It is interesting to listen to the stories of grandfather and grandmother. It seems that they have a thousand different stories! Tea with jam, which was cooked in the summer, seems the most delicious in the world. And when the conversation gradually subsides and the night comes, it is pleasant to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and listen as the snowstorm howls behind the windows of the house.

In the morning I'll have to take a shovel in my hands and clear the path to the house and to the shed, but in the evening it's not necessary to think about it at all. Out in the open air, after a day full of difficult but necessary things, dreams are good.

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