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Visiting the winter (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

A week ago we made snowballs on the snow, but the snow does not slide into tight, cold balls, but crumbles in the hands of prickly snowflakes. The real winter has come. The day sun shines brightly, but it does not warm, as in October. Only brightly flares in the sun a snow fire from white sparkling sparks.

But we do not miss - it's time to build slides and snow fortresses! The iron slide that stands in our yard is good, but it's so cool to roll off the icy snow that you did yourself! For several days our janitor, Stepan Ivanovich, has no work at all. After school and homework, my comrades and I go out into the yard and collect everything that had time to pour out of thick cotton wool.

A fortress will be built later, by the New Year. Usually at this time the snow turns into dense high snowdrifts, from which it is possible to cut out large bricks for walls.

We have such snowdrifts on the edge of the city, and in almost every yard they build their fortresses and tunnels. How interesting it is to put out of snow stones everything you want!

Only sometimes the snow crumbles right in the hands, but it does not matter - how many snowdrifts around!

Sadly only one thing: the winter sun sits quickly, and now it's time to go home. If you go to bed sooner, tomorrow will come soon, and after school and homework, my friends and I will go back to visit again for the winter!

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