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Characteristics of a classmate (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

I would like to devote my work to a classmate of Lydia Smirnova. My story will be about this girl, because, in my opinion, she is a very interesting and uncommon person.

Lida is a fragile, sharp-haired blond girl of short stature with charming freckles on her face. She has beautiful and very kind blue eyes, from which when communicating, it is simply impossible to tear off a look.

At school we are sitting with Lida at one desk, we talk a lot, but it's hard to call our friends. Lida has a best friend Vanya, who studies in a parallel class. It is with him that she usually talks on the changes, and in the classroom is kept apart.

Despite such modest behavior, Lida in our team is highly respected. The fact that she is an excellent student and goes for a gold medal.

This girl is very responsive, and if someone needs help in writing a test or doing a homework, she always renders it.

That's why Lida is loved by everyone without exception.

Lida regularly takes prizes in various city Olympiads. The greatest success she managed to achieve in English, because this subject is her favorite.

A fair judgment that a talented person is talented in everything applies to Lida as well. In addition to my penchant for studying, my classmate also sings remarkably well. Lida studies in a music school in the choir department and regularly performs there together with other students. In addition, she often takes part in concerts organized by our gymnasium.

That's such a wonderful neighbor in my desk. I sincerely admire Lida and sometimes even envy her a little. Most of all in this girl, I appreciate that, despite all her abilities and awards, she remains easy and easy to communicate.


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