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What is happiness? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

On holidays we often want happiness. And what is happiness? We will not hear a single answer to this question, each person has his own happiness. For someone, happiness is work and career growth, for someone money and well-being, for others the family and health of loved ones. Everyone has their own ideals of a happy life. According to the statistics of the survey conducted: whether you are happy or not, most people respond "no." Which, in my opinion, is very strange, because in the modern world there are all conditions for a more comfortable living of a person than even a hundred years ago: all people are free and have rights, numerous useful things have been created that make life easier, almost everything is within walking distance, especially in cities, there are many ways to relax and have a good time. But still people feel unhappy. Why? Many people are maximalists, they do not appreciate what they have, they always lack something for happiness.

Some people living in large families consider themselves unhappy, because they do not have enough money to buy things and objects that make life easier, and rich people are unhappy because they do not have children or their children are spoiled and do not respect their parents .

Here such circulation turns out. Life is sometimes not fair. But I believe that everyone is rewarded according to their merits and they need to be able to appreciate what you are "rich" and enjoy life.

Now for me, happiness, when my relatives are healthy, they do not hurt. When we live under a peaceful sky, without crime and accidents. In the future, when I grow up, I would like to have a loving husband and children, a job that will bring pleasure, and to which I will go every morning with a smile. That we would live in fairly comfortable conditions, clean and warm, as the saying goes: "The house is a full cup." Now this is real happiness for me. My happiness is love, friendship, family and work. As for material values, I think they are also important, because we live in a capitalist society where money plays an important role: goods are sold and bought. But do not overestimate their importance and put them on the forefront. Money is a matter of time: today there are none, perhaps tomorrow, if you certainly work.

I want all people to understand that happiness is the spiritual side of our world and that's what we should appreciate and cherish. I wish all people to be happy!


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