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School of the Future (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

School of the future, I imagine this. It should be necessarily bright and spacious. It will have large and high windows through which it will easily penetrate the bright sun rays. In the school corridors, comfortable sofas and coffee tables will be placed at the walls, where you can relax, chat with friends, and look through the textbook before the next lesson. Everywhere: on the windows in the classrooms and corridors, on the stairwells and classrooms will grow beautiful flowers. We will take care of them ourselves, with the help of our teachers. Along the walls in the corridors you can put large aquariums with podstvetkoj. We can equip them themselves with stones, algae, and fish.

At school, nowhere to be seen any mote and paper or a wrapper from candy, well, who would want to break such beauty?

As for the classrooms. Here, the flight of my imagination can not be stopped. E classrooms will be equipped with modern light and comfortable furniture, sliding boards, video and audio equipment. While conducting the lesson, the explanation of the topic will be accompanied by the display of interesting, specially selected film fragments. So the material will be easier to digest. And still, I would like to see in the schools of the future there are several classes equipped with the latest models of computer technology and mandatory connection of the Internet network.

Today all of us: both the students in the senior classes and our teachers, even more, are already able to handle computers. Teachers can give the task and immediately check the correctness of its implementation. Everything seems to be very simple, but it will be very interesting, it seems to me. And I also want the offices to be painted in calm light colors, and not to those like us, either yellow or green. Probably what paint was in the warehouse, that one was painted.

And now you can go to the gym. Only modern simulators will be here, where you can practice even after lessons to us and our teachers. There will necessarily be a swimming pool with diving towers. In winter, you can open skates and skis for hire. Then they will not have to buy them, and other children will also ride on them. Everything has to be done so that we all have a healthy lifestyle.

From school we will not hurry home, as there are many interesting circles: on employment with computers, sports, musical we will be waited in our school. Our parents will not need to worry about us once again and drive across sections to different places in the city, as we will be in our school under the supervision of teachers or leaders of circles. All these classes will be free, not that now. Teachers in the schools of the future will be paid a decent salary, so they do not think to look for other places where it is more. Then there will be no personnel questions, they will constantly and for many years work in one place. The upbringing of the future worthy citizen of the country is a very difficult, important and responsible matter.

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