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School uniform (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The tradition of wearing school uniforms existed in our country for quite some time. After the introduction of a certain system of civilian uniforms in the Russian Empire in 1834, and up to the revolution, uniforms for pupils of secondary schools were considered compulsory.

In 1920, the school uniform was abolished, since it became a symbol of the student's lack of freedom and infringement of his rights. Only in 1948 the form returned to school, and since then, until 1994, the pupils had to wear it.

In form, my grandmother and my parents went to school. Then the requirements for this clothing were the same for all Soviet schools, but the style and attributes of student costumes changed in accordance with the times.

The students of my gymnasium did not even hear about that form, until the moment when in our country in 2013 its wearing again became mandatory.

Now we all go to classes in the same clothes.

The management of our school chose for the form a dark blue color. Boys at us traditionally carry classical trousers, waistcoats and jackets, and a tie put on at will.

We, girls, are allowed to walk either in classic dark blue skirts with a waistcoat, or in sundresses. You can also wear trouser suit.

The form is bought for the parents by the parents, but in what shop it can be done, they are already advised by the teacher. All of us were also given badges with the school number, which we are obliged to wear every day.

At first, after several years of free life, it was difficult to accept such changes and wanted to defend one's individuality. But over time, we are all used to the new situation.

Someone just put up with the situation, well, someone found many advantages in wearing business clothes. Indeed, our form is very practical, because it does not crumple and does not get dirty for a long time, and most importantly, now the need to puzzle over what to put on tomorrow's school is gone.


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