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Ecology (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Today everyone knows what ecology is. Although a hundred years ago very few people knew about its meaning. The fact is that this rather young science has acquired special importance in our days, as our planet began to need protection from the people themselves and their actions. Unfortunately, the industrial revolution made life easier, bringing many benefits for convenience and comfort, but caused irreparable damage to our common home. Now thousands of factories, factories are built, waste and all garbage are dumped, natural resources are extracted - all this every day more and more worsens the conditions of life on Earth. That is why we began to badly need the teachings of the science of ecology.

People themselves poison and kill what nature has given us.

They cripple and spoil life. The air is difficult to breathe because of exhaust fumes and emissions of poisonous fumes and gases into the atmosphere. In connection with which such terms as "greenhouse effect", "ozone hole", "global warming", etc. appeared. In addition, the work of poachers for deforestation and the killing of rare animals in pursuit of profit does not stop even for a minute. Also, our once crystal clear water has become like a garbage pit, it is impossible to drink water because of the release of industrial and sewage waste into it. People make money selling water, 50 years ago it would seem ridiculous, to sell clean water, but today this is reality. Man proclaimed himself the crown of nature and thinks that he has the right to use it to please himself, but nevertheless nature makes itself known about himself and his power.

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Доверьте рутину профессионалам – подробнее.

Man is powerless against natural elements: tsunami, explosions of volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes. This is worth thinking about, though, in our world everything is decided by money. People have forgotten about real values &񗜻&񗜻and think only about profits, I'm fine, and after me even the end of the world - many live by this principle, without thinking about the future of other generations.

The state supports environmental services that work to restore the environment, introduce decrees and bans, the school introduces the subject "Ecology", that from an early age the children learned to cherish what we have left. Recycling and recycling of garbage are also proposed, special filters are being built to purify fumes in industrial plants, environmentally friendly cars are being developed that operate without fuel, without exhaust gases. Work to restore the environment is in full swing, but all these inventions are much more expensive than the ruthless use of nature and its resources, so no one is in a hurry to spend their money for the sake of saving nature.

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