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My room (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Correctly reads the well-known proverb of the Englishmen "My house is my fortress", and so exactly this kind of fortress for me is my room. In it, I always feel comfortable and calm. It is bright, warm, but not very large. It is very convenient for parents to place all purchased, new furniture. To do this, they invited a designer, consulted with me. Now it has become a modern and very stylish room. We used to live in it with my older sister, but she, oh happiness! got married, and now I can dispose of this square myself. No, I'm very happy about my sister's marriage, but I wanted to have my own personal room for so long. Now I can post portraits of my favorite jazz performers on the walls, and they, for some reason, did not like it. I have a lot of books, they were placed on the upper shelves, or rather on the glassed-in mezzanines, there are many volumes of the great Soviet encyclopedia, full volumes of collected works of classics, books on sports activities and many others.

On the lower shelf, my father and I set up various developmental games, which are just not there, and chess, and "NEP" and half-salto. I often buy new games, because thanks to them, we are developing. There was one more regiment left - they decided to leave on it all my toys that I played when I was very young. The atmosphere in the room immediately became some kind of joyful, kind and surprisingly affectionate. At one time, all these toys were for me and my sister an original means of knowing the world around us.

More recently, my parents gave me a new computer, it has now become the decoration of my room. I can play it on games, I can search for any information on the Internet that helps to answer many questions, I do not want to ask everyone about everything from my dad every time, although he knows everything. From my window you can see the city in which we have been living for a long time. Everything here is familiar and familiar. When dad leaves for work, his mother waving from the window of my room, from here it is better to see, this is already a tradition. If it is not, then I replace it at this "post".

After buying a computer, I had to replace the desk with a computer desk. Now I'm preparing lessons for him, reading and drawing. I really enjoy spending time with my friends from me, and they, too. Mom cakes pies and we all, fun and amicably weaving them, we can watch a movie or any other program, now even a TV is not needed for this.

Mom persuaded me to put in my room her very beautiful big lemon, it even gives fruit. He very nicely added to the interior, and the air clears, so it turned out nice with useful, and really my mother is happy! I am very comfortable in my room.


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