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My favourite hobby (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

By this occupation, I began to get involved for a long time, first my grandmother showed me a few tricks, and then I was already not torn off the beadwork. This occupation is extraordinarily fascinating. There are a lot of beadwork items: original pendants, colorful necklaces, smart belts, narrow and wide bracelets, pendants, all of them are beautiful. If you choose the right colors and make the product very carefully, you end up with very good results. Already at school we organized a circle of needlework, in which I am engaged in my favorite business.

I began to look for everything that relates to beadwork. It turns out that his story is very interesting. This art came to us from distant Venice, where there was a center for the production and distribution of beads.

Glaziers kept the secret of manufacturing this material in great secrecy, the discovery of which was punished with severe punishment. Until now, beads from Venice are considered the most expensive in the whole world. It turned out that the Indians of the island of Manhattan began to make their beads long before the discovery of America by Columbus.

Over time, the manufacture of beads and beads took up in France and Germany, there was opened a large number of workshops. But the most serious competitor of the Venetian manufacturers is Bohemia. There was invented a machine for making beads, it became much cheaper than hand made, which allowed it to spread all over the world. A special cut and glass purity became the hallmark of Bohemian glass by the end of the nineteenth century. In Russia, too, used beads, but it was together with precious stones and river pearls. It was used in embroideries, in knitting with beads and in creating pictures (pressed beads into melted wax).

Technique of work with beads was transferred from one generation to another, so today it is not a new art, but a slightly forgotten old one. Until today, the old traditions of weaving with beads have been preserved, they are supplemented with techniques, patterns and materials and adaptations.

The work with beads is very painstaking, but I try to get more patience, because the result is important to me. I really want to have time to make a bracelet for my best friend - she has a birthday. Slightly helped me granny, and now in my hands flowing with many flowers, a beautiful stylish openwork bracelet. Although this occupation takes a lot of time, but it's fun and for your own pleasure. And what could be better than a favorite occupation that brings very beautiful results.


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