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How I usually do my homework (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Homework is an integral part of school life. The training load in the upper grades is quite high, that's why each of us has our own secrets about how to make quick lessons and not lose quality. For myself, I developed a few simple rules.

Firstly, coming home after school, I always try to rest for an hour. This allows me to regain strength and tune in to further productive work.

Secondly, at first I usually do tasks on those subjects that are given to me easily. This is algebra, geometry, history and geography.

I usually leave complicated tasks in physics and chemistry for the evening, to make them together with my father. Dad helps me sort out some theoretical questions on these subjects, and also solve problems and make equations of chemical reactions.

Sometimes I use my mother's help, for example, in preparing my homework in English.

It takes me at least four hours to complete the lessons, and sometimes even more, especially when a literature essay is asked at home. I try to have time to do all the work before dinner, that is, until eight o'clock in the evening.

In addition to the school, I also do two times a week with a tutor in algebra and physics. In this regard, often I have not only to do the usual lessons, but also to perform additional homework. It's very difficult to catch everything in one day, and therefore, if I have free time in the week, I usually use it to do some part of the work in advance.

Of course, to follow such a rich training schedule, you need a lot of strength and patience. In those days when it is especially hard, I reassure myself that all this is necessary for me to successfully continue my studies and receive higher education. I'm also warmed by the thought that with the advent of the holidays it will be possible to finally get enough sleep and have a good rest!

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