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The car in our life (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The car has long been a part of our lives. This is especially true for men and young people, although girls do not lag too. Now almost everyone has a car or dreams about it. You can find a car for every taste, for any person, designed for absolutely any conditions and the environment. Cars, SUVs, buses and many other kinds of cars, of which there are a great many, can be found on the streets, as a big metropolitan city, and small towns, and villages and any settlements. They became part of the surrounding reality, now we can not do much without cars.

The car performs a lot of different functions, the most common function is the movement. Now, in order to go somewhere, no one is going to a long trip, because the speed of the car allows for an hour to conquer the distance to which the pedestrian would have spent the whole day.

That's why the car has become so indispensable, it is very convenient, and besides it is also a compact vehicle that not only quickly takes anywhere, but also protects from all the inconveniences of the long road. In addition, now make so comfortable and modern cars, that very often you do not even feel the bumps and grooves, which can sometimes be driven.

Another function of cars can be transportation. If it were not for the enormous opportunities that cars give to production, most likely our industry would not have evolved so quickly and successfully. There was an opportunity to transport more cargo in a shorter time. If earlier some products could not be exported for long distances, as they could deteriorate, now it is quite possible, because the speed of cars allows it. This greatly facilitated life and work, because now people, for the most part, manage cars, monitor their serviceability, repair, if necessary. A person now rarely performs hard work, it is for him to make cars, which he came up with to help himself.

Probably, therefore, and for a variety of reasons, cars have firmly established themselves in our lives. Now it is impossible to imagine our life without cars of different types. They are increasingly improving, they are taking up more and more space, they are performing more and more functions and are becoming more and more complex.

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