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Обломов. И.А.Гончаров (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

After reading the novel by Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov & quot; Oblomov & quot; we can distinguish four parts and talk about the features of the composition of the novel.

In the first part of the novel the author shows the reader one day in the life of Ilyich. Lazy Oblomov spends the whole day in bed, not daring to get up and do some business. He does not even rise to say hello to Volkov, Sudby, Penkin, and then Alexeyev and Tarantyev who came to see him. Completes the first part of the chapter "Sleep of Oblomov" The only part in the novel that has a name.

This is due to the importance of sleep for understanding the phenomenon of "Oblomovism", its influence on Ilya, as the goals of his life.

The second part begins with the arrival of Stolz, who pulls Oblomov out of a drowsy state and carries with him his guests. Ilya's life is drastically changing-Andrei Ivanovich introduces him to Olga Ilyinskaya, whom Oblomov falls in love with. The girl also falls in love with Ilya and the second part ends with their confessions and plans for a happy future.

The third part is devoted to the development of relations between Olga and Oblomov. Goncharov describes both the happiness of lovers and the difficulties of mutual understanding. At the end, Oblomov and Olga part ways, realizing that the idealized images do not correspond to real people.

The fourth part talks about the future lives of the couple. Oblomov finds himself at Pshenichnaya, who creates for him that same, desired atmosphere of Oblomovism. Olga marries Stolz. The novel ends with the death of Oblomov.

In the novel, the composition is divided into four main parts, symbolizing the four stages of the hero's life, as well as the season of the year. The theme of nature takes one of the main places in the novel-all events are supplemented by landscapes, sometimes it's the weather: rain, wind, or the sun.


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