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Обломов. И.А.Гончаров (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Childhood and youth Ivan Sergeyevich Goncharov described briefly: "I studied at home first, then in one home boarding house, where there was a disconnected small library at hand. An inconceivable mixture, diligently read, almost learned by heart". Such reading revealed a certain fantasy and much more in a certain Ivan Aya. In this boarding school the boy learned German and French.

Training at the Moscow Commercial School (1822-1830) left the most painful memories for Gancharov.

Ivan Alexandrovich was far from the stormy events and disputes. University years appeared to him later as time "without tugs, thunderstorms and internal shocks, without external stories, except for general and Russian, taught from the chairs". The first publication, the translation of the excerpt from the novel by the French writer Eugene Sue & quot; Atnar Gul & quot; refers to the student years.

Goncharov was always influenced by Pushkin's creativity. The young student managed to see and hear his idol.

The university was successfully completed and Goncharov for a few years became a petty official (translator) of the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Finance.

His work was oppressive, but in his heart was literature, his native, which he devoted his free time. The first novel was completed by the writer in 1846: "I sent Belinsky with terrible emotion to the court of" ordinary history " not knowing what to do with it & quot; remembering Goncharov later. "

The former pupil Goncharova Apollo Maikov was offered to participate in a round-the-world trip. The novice poet refused, and in his place asked Goncharov. The expedition lasted two and a half years.

In 1863-1867 Goncharov again serves as a censor. In this position, the writer did a lot for Russian literature.

At the end of the writer's life, illness began, and care was taken of the children of the deceased servant who were in his care. He wrote AF Koni "Fight and remember that life is-patience and that is saved and comes out victor only" endured to the end "."

Goncharov has managed a lot "to endure" and died on September 27, 1891.


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