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Many people watch soap operas because they find them enjoyable and realistic. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is widely discussed whether people watch soap operas because they are entertaining and remind people of their own lives. Some people agree with this statement while others doubt it is true.

In my opinion, it is close to the truth. Firstly, soap operas tend to focus on family life, its problems. Many people can relate to it and that’s why these shows are incredibly popular nowadays. Millions of people watch them and many of them really enjoy the way of narrating and filmig the show is usually simple.

It doesn't surprise people and in fact it just doesn't need it. Secondly, characters in such works are rather true-to-life and people sympathize them in most cases. There are a lot of examples of soap opera stars that got their popularity only because of one show. People worship such celebrities. It happens because of equation of actors with their characters. It also attracts audience to the show.

On the other hand, soap operas can be not that good as it is told. Emotion in them are hugely exaggerated most times and it discourages many people from watching it. These emotions are the same from show to show and it sums up the disadvantages of the soap operas.

Anyway, soap operas are still good. They help people distract from their own problems and spend evening with their families watching some characters crying over split milk. It relaxes easily, and this is the reason of such a huge popularity of them.

In a nutshell, soap operas are entertaining because they help people to relax.


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