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Some of my friends say there's nothing better than reading a good book while others would rather watch its film version (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Problem of will of modern generation to spend time watching films and tv shows rather than reading is very important nowadays. It is widely discussed whether it is better to read an original story or to watch its adaptation to the screens. Some people agree while others doubt it is true.

In my opinion, books are better. Firstly, novel and tales don’t have an exact volume which is required for publishing it. Movies, on the other hand, tend to be no more than three hours long. Director must put all the integral parts of the enormously vast novel into at most 180 minutes. Most times it appears to be good movie, but this work can just skip interesting but not necessary things. Secondly, view of the author can differ from the director’s one. They can understand things differently and it can cause anger of fans of book.

Finally, reading can enlarge vocabulary greatly and reconstruct the mind of a person, especially of a teenager or a child.

On the other hand, only a minor part of modern authors writes good books, something that can make an impression on a person. Moreover, more people are now interested on cinematograph rather than in literature and it results in the difference of influence of these industries.

Anyway, literature has existed for much longer time and some works have been put onto screen so many times and all of them are completely different. In that case, it is better to read an original content.

In a nutshell, reading an original book is a better way of getting known with the story that watching a movie based on it.


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