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Темы: School trips, Transport in the city (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

School trips

In the picture I see a group of teenagers who are relaxing on the grass. It is obvious that they are travelling and this is a break that they decided to get. Our school offers school children arrange of trips: excursions about the city, visits to museums or art galleries and trips abroad.

I’m convinced that school trips are extremely important as children benefit a lot from such trips. All types of this trips are educational. You get to know more about the city and the country you live in, you gain through knowledge about the history and geography of the place you go to. Visits to museums and art galleries broaden your knowledge of the world art and culture.

Travelling abroad is fun and worthwhile as you get acquainted with the customs, traditions and the lifestyle of people abroad.

Also they give opportunity to practice foreign language.

The most memorable tri I’ve been on is a trip to Ireland. It gave me a chance to improve my English language speaking skills, to see the beauty of country and make friends there.

To my mind, all school trips are part and parcel of educational process as it give school children a food for thought.

Transport in the city.

Life in the city is busy and dynamic and people usually travel to work, to university, to see their friends either by underground, by car, bus, trams, trolleybus or mini-bus. You can go by metro mostly in big cities, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. To save time and to avoid traffic jams a lot of people go by car to the nearest metro station where they leave their car in the parking place and then continue their journey to work by underground.

No doubt, the most eco-friendly means of transport are trolleybuses, metro and trams, because they use electricity. As for buses, cars and mini-buses, unfortunately, they pollute air with exhaust fumes.

As for me, the best type of transport is underground, because it is fast and the trains run every 2 or 3 minutes. It is the most reliable means of transport. Each metro station is beautiful and unique. Besides, some trains have poems and copies of famous paintings on the walls of the carriages. Thus they educate travelers to appreciate the beauty of poetry, mural art and sculpture.

All means of transport are important for city-dwellers but for visitors as well.


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