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Темы: Exams and preparation for them, Household chores. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Exams and preparation for them.

I’d like to tell you about exams and my preparation for them. We have trimesters and do a lot of tests after 5th studying week. In primary school I was afraid of these tests, but now it is not a big problem for me. Of course, I have to study a lot this year because in spring I am taking end year exams. They are really difficult and I have already started preparing for them.

As for my favorite subjects, they are biology and chemistry, I also like maths. Especially algebra but I am not good at geometry. I love biology most of all. It seems very easy to me and when someone says “Oh my god, I can’t understand it! It is very difficult!”, these words sound strange to me.

The chemistry course that I am doing in MSU helps me a lot because I get a lot of useful Information and the lectures are exiting. The university professors talk to us as adults, which appeals to me.

As for my parents, they are good at all subjects. I don’t like to do my homework with them ( because I prefer silent in the room ), but when I can’t really understand something in maths they help me. My mum is a tax accountant and my father’ company is involved in transportation, so they know maths well. I don’t know how good they are at chemistry because I never need their help in this subject.

In general, I don’t worry too much about my tests. My mum worries much more. I just sit in my room and read a lot of textbooks. It is usually enough for me to get good mark.

Household chores

There are a lot of household chores that people do about the house. Some people prefer doing the dusting, the vacuum cleaning and polishing. Others don’t mind doing washing and the ironing. A lot of people hate doing the washing-up, making the beds and sweeping the floor.

As for me, every weekend I usually help my mum to do housework. I help her with cooking, to tidy up the apartment and water the flowers.

Everyone in my family is busy. My parents work hard in the office and I go to school to study. In general, we share our duties. I’m usually responsible for doing the washing-up.

I feel happy when the flat is clean and tidy and it looks spotless.


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