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Темы: Clothes and fashion, Animals in the cities. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Clothes and fashion.

Some people think that it is important to keep up to date and by clothes that they see in fashion magazine. They don’t want to look old-fashioned and to make the write impression on people they wear the latest trend clothes.

Appearance means a lot to everyone. You’re suppose to look neat and tidy both at school, and at work. To my mind, it is important to wear suitable clothes for any occasion, for example a jumper and a pair of jeans for a school trip and a blouse and a skirt for a visit to the theatre.

I think a lot of people take care of their appearance because it’s part of their image and they want their image to be professional and positive.

As for me, I prefer wearing fashionable but comfortable clothes. I’m not obsessed with fashion but I always dress properly to look and feel nice.

Animals in the cities

There are a lot of animals in the city nowadays especially cats and dogs. They are our best friends and they make us happy. Even a seek person doesn’t feel lonely if he has an animal at home.

So, why do animals choose cities as their habitat? There is a lot of food for stray cats and dogs near the restaurants. People give nuts or seeds to birds and squirrels in the parks and forests. Another reason is a higher temperature in the city then at the countryside because of exhaust factories and cars gas and fume releases. That’s why animals feel more comfortable in the city in winter.

However, not all animals and birds are healthy. Stray dogs may be dangerous for people if they are infected with rabies. If a person is bitten by such a dog, he may start suffering from this disease unless he gets injection in time.

As for zoos and safari parks, they play a very big role in protecting wild animals from becoming extinct. Rare species are kept in zoos where they are taking care of to increase their reproduction. Besides, zoos and safari parks play educational role in informing children about the wildlife.


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