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It is considered that giving money to teenagers doesn't do them any good (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Most of teenagers usually have pocket money which they are given by their parents on buying things for teen’s attractions and pleasure.

But some other adults consider that at first adolescents should learn all price of money, and only then pocket money could be given. But does pocket money have so much meaning for teens?

It seems for me that pocket money means for teenagers a lot. Firstly, that’s a sign of trust from parents. In this case, a teen feels respect from the parents like he’s an adult and tries to show mutual respect to them. Secondly, that’s a good chance to develop a sense of rationality in young people. What is more, teen feels freedom in his actions (not only control from his parents).

However, some parents suppose that their children will waste a lot of money in a short period of time or spend on things that teen doesn’t need or even forbidden things (alcohol, cigarettes, e-cigs, etc.). That’s why most parents don’t want to give pocket money to teenagers.

But I think that’s a special “check”. Most of such things are usually really expensive, so children won’t have other choice except not to buy trinkets.

In summary, I would say pocket money is a really good thing to educate useful skills for adolescents and their parents. But adults should control the sum of given money and not let teenagers to abuse their free choice.


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