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Travel broadens the mind, does not it? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Many people like travelling. Beautiful places, trying out something new, exploring the culture of another country and relaxing. Someone believes that a person also learns something new, expand this consciousness during the journey. I would like to reflect on this topic.

In my opinion, travel is a good teacher. Firstly, during the journey a person communicates with different people and exchanges experiences. Secondly, a person learns different cultures. He studies traditions, mentality of a country, its history. This broadens his mind. Thirdly, during the journey people get new skills which expands their consciousness.

Nevertheless, there is also an opposite point of view. People speak different languages, so travelers cannot understand the locals, and as a result, learn something new.

However, I think, despite that there are many languages in the world, people from different countries can understand each other.

For example, while communicating, a person can use a translator installed in his phone or use the services of translators. If it seems difficult and impossible under certain conditions, there are international languages that almost everyone knows. Almost all people in the world teach English. And, as I said earlier, communication is the exchange of knowledge.

In conclusion, I want to say that there are different points of view about expanding your horizons while traveling. I believe, during the trip we get a new experience while communicating with different people, we study the cultures of other countries.


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