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How do become a great student. What is the secret of being a good student? Секреты успешной учебы сочинение на английском (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays we live in a world of social Media. Many brilliant students show their efficient, sometimes even ideal university life in their blogs. Some of them make posts on Instagram with top 10 advice how to deal with studies. Other pupils download videos about their daily university life on YouTube. So what are the main secrets everyone’s talking about. How to become a successful, efficient student and make good progress in subjects? Today I’d like to tell you some tips.

First of all, every student has certain duties to perform.

It goes without saying that everyone should stick to main rules. These are to attend all the classes in order not to lag behind, to devote a lot of time to college studies, to be punctual and never violet the discipline. Moreover, if you want to have a good command of the subject, try to work on your own. For instance, there are a lot of educational channels like Arzamas that can help you to deepen your knowledge in multiple, various fields. These tips will certainly help you to achieve your goals and receive rich dividends in your future work.

The problem is, some students have no desire to obtain new knowledge at all. If you’ve faced this problem, try to find something that will inspire, encourage you to fulfill your duties to the best of your abilities. Maybe, you have an example to follow? Or there are some dreams connected with your occupation. Remember, hard work and being a diligent student makes dreams come true.

Let’s talk about the most thrilling and essential part of studies, I mean examination time. It’s obvious that enthusiastic, conscientious students have no troubles while passing their exams.

But there is also another type of students called “lazy bones” or “idlers”. They often play truant, go slack about their duties and make no progress in studies. They think that using cribs and copying tests from a fellow student is a good idea.

But I do not advice you to be the student like that. They are usually punished by poor marks or may even be excluded from college.

Another problem is that many students are up to the ears in studies so they decide to deprive themselves of any entertainment and amusement. It I’s a bad mistake. These people do not relax at all, they spend all the time reading and learning. Some of them become nervous, anxious or even have a breakdown. In order to avoid troubles with mental health never forget about time to relax. You can spend it doing sports, attending extra-curricular activities like festivals and concerts. This social life broadens the mind and develops your communication skills.

And the last but not least, enjoy being a student because it’s wonderful time full of opportunities!


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