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National holidays (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Every country has its national holidays. They have a great meaning for the country and its nation. They are usually connected with important historical, political or social events. People celebrate these holidays because they understand their important meaning. On these days people all over the country do not work and have special celebrations. People are happy these days, give each other gifts, congratulate their relatives. It's wonderful to watch the good emotions of your native people. This is an opportunity to escape from everyday problems, forget all the bad things and enjoy the holidays.

There are some public holidays in the United Kingdom.

They are Christmas Day, New Year Day, Easter Monday, Spring

ank Holiday and Late Summer

ank Holiday. It is interesting to know that before Christmas, groups of people go from house to house. They sing Christmas carols and collect money for Charity. What about the United States of America, this country celebrates Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day is a warm, family holiday when people thank God for what they have. They also celebrate Christmas Day, New Year Day, Labour Day and etc.

The major holidays in my country are Christmas, New Year, Day of the Defender of Motherland, Women’s Day, Victory Day, Independence Day. The most important and one of my favorite ones is Victory Day. On the ninth of May streets and squares are decorated with national flags and balloons. We watch military parades and set off fireworks in honour the soldiers who defended our Motherland in that terrible Great Patriotic War against fascism.

I think, national holidays unite the whole nation, make people remember their history and culture, keep their customs and traditions. Holidays help people to live, this is an occasion to wait for something wonderful. After all, if people did not have holidays, their life would be boring, uninteresting and people would be angry and dissatisfied with their lives. This could be called survival, not life.


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