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Эссе по книге Вирджинии Вульф про ФЕМИНИЗМ, часть 2 (Английская Литература)

Virginia Woolf wrote in her book that women were compared to a dog. For centuries, men believed that women were stupider and should not be given responsibility. Men believed that this made a woman easy to manipulate and deceive.

Women are emotional and it is easy to trick, and they are stupider than men. In the book by Virginia Woolf, it is said that Judith's father wanted to bribe his own daughter with clothes, exchange her freedom for clothes. (Woolf, 1977, p. 53). This leads us to the stereotype that women are emotional and it is easy to trick. This stereotype suggests that it is easy to endear women to their weakness.

Why is it so considered? Maybe they just love the person and do not want to offend? Maybe this is a manifestation of kindness, which is selfishly used? I believe that women just out of love want to support their man, and this ruthless man just taking advantage of this ultimately leaves her alone to suffer. This is where this stereotype comes from. A number of metropolitan marriage agencies note that during the pandemic, complaints from women who were deceived during online dating began to come more often. Men gain confidence in single women, pour compliments, confess their love and receive the information they need from a woman (place of residence, income level, personal data). Then this information leaks out, is resold, and various influences begin with elements of financial fraud, blackmail, and everything else. The fact that a woman believes every word of a loved one does not mean that she is a stupider, the stereotype that a woman is stupider than a man is simply said because women trust their loved ones. Virginia Woolf mentioned that Judith did not have access to education, but she developed and read herself, the very fact that she did not have access to education at that time completely destroys this stereotype. (Woolf, 1977, p. 53) After all, if women had access to education, then they would have the same knowledge as men at that time. Men themselves, having created a barrier for women, created various stereotypes about them. New Zealand experts have established that over the past hundred years, after almost all over the world women have received equal access to education with men, their level of intelligence has increased significantly (RIA News, 2019, May 28). In most countries, the IQs of representatives of different genders are equal, and in some places, the ladies even show higher results.

esearchers suggest that this is due to women's ability to balance difficult careers and family life. The conclusions of New Zealand scientists are indirectly confirmed by the experiment of their American colleagues. (RIA News, 2019, May 28 )

As can be seen, women were always oppressed from the side of men and could not fully reveal themselves, and the fact that women always had to face obstacles from stereotypes and gender inequality ahead of them led to the fact that women were treated as second-class people.

ut today, thanks to the prudence of people, women begin to develop and receive the same thing that men have. Existing stereotypes will gradually disappear due to the fact that society began to understand the mistakes of ancestors and now society strives for a better future. Currently, there are many stereotypes about women that have not disappeared since the time of Virginia Woolf. Men need to stop looking at a woman as a coquette luring into the net, and try to see a rational creature in front of them, telling the truth from the bottom of her heart!


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