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Work in pairs. Talk about what English-speaking countries you'd like to visit and why. Begin like this (Школьные сочинения)

ГДЗ по английскому языку;

ainbow English; 6-й класс; Unit 2; Step 6; упр. 2; стр. 75.

Вариант ответа №1 (упрощённый вариант, в котором первый ученик просто отвечает на вопросы одноклассника, не задавая встречных вопросов)

– There's a country I'd very much like to visit.

– Really? What is the country?

– It's Spain.

– Why is that country so interesting for you?

– Well, I first saw pictures of Spain a long time ago and fell in love with it at once.

Spain's a warm country with beautiful long beaches, and that's why it's a perfect place to spend holidays in. It also has a lot of unusual old buildings, ancient monuments, and wonderful museums. So, you can never get bored in Spain.

– I see. Now I want to go to Spain too.

– Let's go there together next summer.

– That's a great idea.

Вариант ответа №2 (вариант повышенной сложности, в котором первый ученик не только отвечает на вопросы одноклассника, но затем сам задаёт этому однокласснику сходные вопросы)

– There's one country I'm dreaming of visiting.

– Really? What country are you talking about?

– That's the USA.

– Why do you find the USA so interesting?

– The thing that I like about the USA most of all is that it's very big. So, you can travel around the country for a long time and see different climate zones, landscapes, taste various types of food, visit a lot of small towns and big cities, some of which you have even seen in movies. I also like the fact that the USA is a fairly young but very successful country. I think that it's because of its people. They are clever and hardworking. I'd like to find some friends there.

– Awesome! I hope that you'll get to the USA one day.

– I do too. And what about you? Is there any country that you'd like to go to?

– Oh, it may sound strange, but I want to visit Kenya.

– Kenya? Where is it?

– It's in Africa.

– It must be hot there. What attracts you to Kenya?

– Well, I'm astonished by the country's unusual nature and exotic animals. You can drive your car somewhere in the forest or desert and feel like you're at the zoo. I'm also curious about seeing and talking to the local people. Those tribes and their traditions must be truly interesting.

– Wonderful! I've never heard of Kenya before, but now I really want to spend a few days there.

– You know, I'm planning to go there with my relatives next year. If you want, you can join us.

– Cool! I'll think about it!


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