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Schoolchildren should wear a school uniform (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, when there exist so many different clothes and fashion trends are widespread all over the world, people hesitate whether students should wear a school uniform. Some of them claim that wearing a school uniform kills pupils’ individuality, while others consider it as a necessary part of schooling.

Personally, I think that a school uniform is a significant part of the educational process. To begin with, it encourages discipline in the class and prevents pupils from being distracted by others’ clothes. Additionally, wearing a school uniform helps one to resist peer pressure to buy trendy clothes.

Besides, it can diminish economic and social barriers between students.

However, the supporters of another point of view are assured that schoolchildren should not wear a school uniform as it violates children’s individual rights.

To start with, wearing a uniform makes it difficult for students to express their personalities. Moreover, similar clothes make them think that they are just a part of a crowd and they do not have any individual traits.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with these arguments as they lack sufficient ground. Firstly, pupils need to show their talents to stand out from other schoolchildren and to prove themselves that a school uniform is not a problem for them anymore because they are easily recognizable. Secondly, there are various unnoticeable little accessories, there exist different hairstyles that can help one to be not like others.

To sum up, I want to state that wearing school uniforms is an important part of the learning process. I believe that it is necessary for all schools and for the whole educational system in general.


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