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Some people think extreme sports help to build character (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Sports plays a significant role in our lives today. Some people consider that action sports give an opportunity to develop personal qualities. Others argue that extreme sports are not helpful to build one’s character.

Personally, I am entirely convinced that action sports can build character. To start with, we test ourselves, we manage with a high level of stress developing our stamina. For example, the people who are into bungee-jumping always need make a choice train whether they jump into the abyss or not, they train every day to be able to do this sports better and better. If one does these sports, they gain a lot of new experience and it strengthen their traits of character. Furthermore, extreme sports are often a team activity, so people get used to communicating with others, they learn how to rely on teammates, so they become more communicative, open-minded and responsible.

However, some people do not believe dangerous sports to be character-building.

They claim that there are only safe sports build your character, in which you do not have to take a risk, overcome the feeling of fear, endanger your health.

I do not agree with the opponents’ opinion. I am sure that other sports is not as helpful as adventure sports. There are not any abilities to face your fears in tennis, football and other sports. Struggling with phobias is necessary for everyone to develop their personalities.

Taking into consideration all mentioned above, I still believe that extreme sports help to build character. These sports make it possible to cope with one’s feelings and gain many valuable skills and features.


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