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Задания 39 и 40. The Internet is the biggest evil of our time (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)





Dear Lily,

Thanks for your letter! Sorry for not being in touch for so long - I was very busy last month.

In your letter you asked me if I like math. Actually, I don’t because it’s hard for me to understand it.

ut what I really like is literature and all humanitarian and social oriented subjects as they appeal to me more. Also I’m keen to study biology, astronomy and physics because it is really eye-opening to better understand how our world works.

y the way, what are the main traditions of your new school? Do you find them helpful for studying? Which of them are hard to follow?

ut I have to go now - it’s time for an evening walk with my dog.

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I hope to hear from you soon.



40. The Internet is the biggest evil of our time

Since the 1990s the Internet has become one of the vital things for our existence.

ut is the Internet so great as we tend to think about it? In this essay I will look upon this issue.

In my opinion, by no means the Internet can be called “evil” or “dangerous” as its many positive effects overlap the negative ones. Firstly, the Internet connected billions of people allowing them to share information in a matter of seconds. All history and knowledge of humanity is now online and mostly free to everybody. Secondly, the Internet significantly simplified our lives by automating many processes or cutting down the amount of time we need to spend on them.

However, some people say that the Internet is evil because it's uncontrollability gives a lot of space to work with for scammers and criminals. There are sites that distribute illegal things, forums that serve for communication of felons and terrorists.

I cannot agree with their opinion as there has already been done a lot already to turn down the number of unwatched areas of the Internet. One government after another passes cybersecurity policies to protect their citizens from online crimes.

To sum up, the issue of the “evilness” of the Internet is still open to discussion but I believe the Internet is great. Not only it gives access to the needed information and makes our everyday routine easier- it unites people all over the world despite our differences and barriers. Humanity can reach its happy future only by going hand in hand with the Internet.

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