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39 и 40. Health is a phenomenon which must have a strong foundation (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)




26. 11. 2017

Dear Eddie,

Thanks for your letter! Sorry for not being in touch for so long- I was pretty busy that month.

In your letter you asked me what I think about Alaska vacations. They sound great to me as the scenery there is marvellous and the climate resembles one in my country.

But the problem you seem to don’t know is wild animals that walk around towns in search of food.

But nevertheless Alaska has many places worth visiting like Kenai Fjords National Park where you will see wilderness of Alaska untouched by people and El Dorado Gold Mine where you will learn about history of the Gold


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By the way, do you have your own plans for the trip? What do your family members expect from the vacation? How long will your trip last?

But I have to go now! It’s time for the evening walk with my dog. I hope to hear from you soon.




Health is one of the main factors of well-being of a human. Some people have good health from birth, others don’t - and this affects all our future lives in different ways. Why do all people have unequal conditions from the start? In this essay I will try to look upon this issue.

In my opinion, strong health of a person comes from his genes. Firstly, we take all physiological features from our parents and that is why before getting pregnant and while being pregnant mothers should pay great attention to their health as it also affect the health of the baby. Secondly, hereditary illnEssays can show themselves through generations and suddenly appear in the severe form even in children of healthy parents and nobody is insured from that.

Other people claim that the main role in the formation of health plays the health care system. They say without it strong health cannot exist for long.

I cannot agree with this opinion because as scientists have proved the medical system has only 10-15% of importance in forming of health.

To sum up, the matter of the foundation of health is still open to discussion but I believe that good physiological features come from our “roots”- parents, grandparents and all the way down to our ancestors and that their health in many ways define ours.

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