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39 и 40. The role of music in my life (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)




October 29th, 2017

Dear Amy,

Thanks for your letter! Sorry for not being in touch for so long- I was very busy this month.

In your letter you asked me what are the main pastime activities of youth in Russia. They are spending time with friends, going to shopping centres and working. I personally would like to go hiking but it’s not possible I am afraid because the weather is too bad and I don’t a lot of free time for that.

By the way, what’s your typical pastime activity? Can you call it healthy or helpful for you? Do you share it with friends or do it alone?

But I have to go now! It’s time for the evening walk with my dog.

I hope to hear from you soon.




Music is the language of soul, the sacred thoughts of which could not be spoken aloud in any other way but in this, the most natural and truest form possible.

ut what is music to me? A timeless friend who follows me through time and is always there when I need inspiration, abstraction, help or relaxation.

Music plays a very important role in my life. First of all, I listen to music for the great amount of time of my life. Often I turn up music when I am alone at home to have sounds in the background and disperse the silence. I like to work while listening to music. I use different genres for different types of work, for example, when I need to concentrate on homework I listen to classics, when I have a monotonous work I listen to modern genres with fast rhythm or audio versions of poems and sing them aloud along with reciters. When I write I try first to make up a special playlist which will create the mood for my writing and give it more depth and emotion. This really helps and usually the good playlist sets the temp and the quality for what I do.

Secondly, every day I have to walk my dog in the evening for at least an hour and I cannot do this without listening to music. It helps me to pass the time and makes the walk more interesting.

Some people say one should not listen to music much because it distracts from listening to other people and can badly affect our ears.

I cannot agree with this opinion because if one will follow the instructions for using music gadgets and will listen to music only in appropriate situations everything should be fine.

To sum up, the issue of the importance of music in our lives is still to be discussed but to me music is essential for my existence as I use it in everyday life both for work and relaxation.


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