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Animals suffer from pollution more than humans (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

People do more harm to animals than to themselves. Some people think that only people are affected by pollution. On the other hand, there is a growing population of eco-friendly communities whose purpose is to preserve the planet and animals from pollution.

I agree with the point of view that people do a lot more harm to animals and the wildlife in general than to themselves. Firstly, animals do not litter, do not do deforestation, or do any other harm to our planet.

ut some people do not consider these damages to be a big problem, and animals suffer from these kinds of human activity. Secondly, these unprotected creatures have to live with people who detrimental them of homes, pollute their habitats, drain the seas, kill their families because of valuable skin.

They can not do anything but defeat themselves and protect their homes by attacking people.

Nevertheless, we can find a contrary opinion. Some people say that animals can easily get used to any habitat. People should develop countries, factories, build new skyscrapers instead of dry fields and they should not pay that much attention to toxic wastes and fumes that factories create. These thoughts may have a point because countries should be technically improved and modern buildings will bring us closure to the development of the future.

However, I can not agree with this opinion completely because people must think about the consequences of developing the world in such ways.

uilding factories or skyscrapers is not a bad thing but do people think about all the toxic fumes they these factories produce? Some people have developed health issues by breathing polluted air and what can happen to animals in the nearest future? They can not protect themselves the way humans can.

According to the arguments presented above, I can note that aminals suffer from pollution a lot more then humans do. We should think about new ways of developing countries without damaging the Earth and then animals will respond will gratitude.


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