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Zoos should be prohibited example (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays many people understand the importance of helping wild animals. That's why we have zoos. They are sure that they serve not only for amusement but also save endangered species.

ut others believe that zoos should be banned.

I strongly support the idea that zoos should exist. To begin with, they help to increase the number of animals which are becoming extinct. They provide human control and aid.

esides, zoos get money from visitors and provide regular feeding and care for animals. Moreover, people can watch wild animals without going to the jungle or other places. Finally, you can learn more about animals and do volunteering or donations.

Nevertheless, we can we can find the opposite opinion. Some people believe that zoos are removing wild animals from their natural habitat.

They argue that keeping animals in cages for human entertainment is unethical. Also, large animals like elephants need a lot of space and trees, which many zoos can't provide. I think zoos are a terrible place for animals. they are beaten, not fed, they live in aviaries. They need nature, grass, snow, sun, not artificial light, snow.

I do not completely disagree with this point of view.

ut, in my opinion, a good zoo imitates the natural habitat and does a lot to preserve the species. As for the cages, they can be larger and have space for walking, as well as plants and trees. And of course, animals should be treated with love and care. It is best if zoos are more like nature reserves, where animals can move freely around the city. open area. So the animals will be more comfortable. And they will be able to get their food by hunting, as in a normal environment.

To sum up, although some people think that zoos should be prohibited, I believe that they must exist to save endangered animals from extinction. Animals cannot live very well in zoos, so they should be replaced to the suitable places. The identity of animals, also can be saved by well-done policies.


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