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Some people think that boys and girls should study separately at different schools example (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays the issue whether boys and girls should be taught in mixed schools is very burning and is much speculated about. Some people support the idea of educating boys and girls together, while others express the opposite opinion.

Personally I think it is undeniable that co-educational schools are more beneficial. This is because the interaction which occurs in this environment between boys and girls creates a healthy relationship, which naturally tends to make them more comfortable at the later life stages. Early everyday contact with peers of the opposite sex reduces the shyness barrier and sets forward the socialization process. Anyway, as children grow up they will have to interact with others in their daily routine by establishing business and personal contacts. Eventually, relationship between both genders during the whole life has always been an essential thing for humans, and under no circumstances should it be blocked artificially.

However, some people suppose that if boys and girls are taught separately, they become more disciplined.

They tend to be more concentrated than be distracted by all the fantasies of adolescence. Moreover, schools can educate children of the same sex with more focus regarding the specific psychological aspects of every gender.

I disagree with this opinion. I believe that even if interaction between boys and girls does lead to distraction, they still have to learn to cope with it and concentrate on their tasks. They will need this skill later anyway.

In summary, there’re two points of view regarding separate schools. In my opinion mixed school pupils acquire the necessary communicative skills which can later be transferred into their adult lives.


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