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Computer games teach us nothing + letter (—очинени€ ≈√Ё английский €зык)

It is not a secret, that computer games are very popular nowadays. That is why some people consider this activity to be very useful, while others disagree.

In my opinion, computer games are quite useless for people of all ages. Firstly, playing this activity takes too much time, because sometimes people get involved into the process are not able to stop gaming. Secondly, sitting in front of the monitor for hours can be really harmful for humanТs eyes. Finally, playing computer games can be very addictive and often leads to cruelty and loss of reality. For example, such accidents often occur in different countries, when addicted students attack their classmates or teachers.

However, some people are sure, that computer games make us more concentrated.

Therefore this activity develops logical thinking of a person. Moreover, such people consider playing computer games to be a good opportunity to keep up with process and modern technologies.

I strongly disagree with this point of view, because English scientists have recently proved the harm of computer games, this activity makes people more inert, short-tempered and unorganized.

esides, computer games are not the proper way to move with the times, because there are many other ways to do it. For example, there are plenty of educational programs and cognitive online-articles.

To sum up, I should say, that computer games are not the best idea to be educated. For example, there are lots of other activities, which can be useful for our brain and body.



October 10

Dear Susan,

Thank you for your letter. I was glad to hear from you again. That is great you have found an interesting book recently.

Well, speaking about reading, I should say, that I am a real book-lover. I have my own home library, where I keep my lovely books. Well, my favourite writer is russian novelist M. A.

ulgakov, I find him one of the most talented authors of XX century. As for my friends, they enjoy reading fiction books as well, because we all believe, that fiction books have really breathtaking and exciting plot.

Guess what, I am also preparing for my exams, so What exams are you going to take? Which exam troubles you most of all? How many exams have you chosen?

Sorry, I have to go now. Take care,

Your Julia


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