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People can’t do much to improve the environment / A popular actor's life is always fun (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

We are surrounded by nature. This means it calls for care. What can people do to improve it? This issue has always been popular with people from all over the world and some of them believe that everybody is powerless to sort out the problem.

I’m convinced people will be able to improve this situation if they want. Firstly, there are a lot of the environmentalists who learn the main problems of ecology and they can help us to sort out this problem. Sec, the measures for environmental protection are taken in our country very often. It can convince us not to throw litter about.

However, there is an opposite view. To some people’s mind, there is no point in making attempts at improving the environment. First of all, a lot of areas like fields, forests and rivers are badly polluted nowadays.

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It’s so difficult to clean them up. Furthermore, most people are very lazy even to put their things in order. As for improving the environment, such people consider that it’s a waste of time to attempt to care about the nature.

As for me, I don’t agree with that view. Everybody is aware of the dangers of polluting our planet.

In conclusion, we can make efforts to improve the environment.

Nowadays there are many famous actors and actresses. Working in the cinematography has pros and cons, although many people are convinced that actors’ lives are always fun.

To my mind, there is nothing more pleasant than to work as an actor. Firstly, if you are a famous actor, you always collaborate with man professional people. Consequently, it isn’t a tedious job. Secondly, it’s so interesting to express different kinds of feelings. Thirdly, being aware of your fame and popularity among many people is always nice and fun.

However, there are some people who hold on to the opposite view. In their opinion, an actor’s life consists of some problems as well. First of all, this job takes up a lot of time revising your role for a film. This can cause tiredness. Furthermore, in spite of millions of fans, a famous actor has a great number of enviers. Generally, they are other actors who want to gain viewers’ sympathy.

As for me, I don’t agree with that view. There is no point in doubting that a famous actor’s life isn’t full of interest and fun.

To summarize, I think that the profession of an actor is becoming more popular and more people want to be like actors because of the fun of this job.

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