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Package holidays (Школьные сочинения)

Many people believe that a package holiday is a great option for a vacation.

ut there are those, who disagree with them and consider such holidays too boring.

Personally, I think that package holidays limit our opportunities during the holidays.

To begin with, traveling independently, you can relax at your own pace without any time restrictions. You can safely explore a new place without fear of being late or falling behind the group. Furthermore, you can visit the places that you want, book the hotels that you like. And you do not need to ask the guide for permission. And finally, it is much more interesting and exciting to organize your own vacation without anyone's help.

ecause we know better than others what we need and what we want.

Opponents of this view consider that package holidays are a more convenient option. They believe that you do not need to think about unnecessary preparations, about booking rooms in hotels and organizing dinners in restaurants because everything is already prepared in advance. Moreover, there is no danger of getting lost in an unfamiliar city, because there is always a guide and your group nearby.

There is a great deal of truth in what they say, but I still think that it is better to prepare your own vacation so that it matches your preferences.

For example, you can visit only those museums, theaters and galleries that you are interested in.

Taking into consideration all mentioned above, everyone must decide for themselves the type of their journey. Someone is more comfortable to act in an organized manner and follow the plan, and someone prefers to choose what to do along the way.


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