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My dream profession (Профессия моей мечты по английскому языку) (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

A teacher is a very difficult profession. Constant nervous tension, great responsibility, you need to be able to quickly make the right decisions, quickly be able to navigate in a difficult situation. Be able to adequately pass all children's checks and remain an authority in their eyes. Without a teacher, there will be no doctor or engineer. All professions are important for normal existence in the civilized world. But if there are no teachers, then civilization will come to an end.

My dream is to be a tutor in chemistry. I liked chemistry back in high school. Through trial and error, I eventually went to a teacher training university to realize my dream.

So why did I choose this path?

As for me, this is not a bad profession. There are many advantages to this specialty. For me, the main advantage is communication with teenagers. Among all the masses of children there are interesting individuals. They are sometimes more interesting than adults. There are also disadvantages of this profession. Everyone says that teachers have small salaries and a lot of paperwork. But it seems to me that in any situation there is a way out. You must look for workarounds. You have to look for ways to do the job much faster and easier. You'll enjoy working with interesting students. They'll give you energy and positivity for the whole working day, or even the whole week.

I also want to note that a teacher's working day is always different from the previous one. Absolutely every lesson is unique. The teacher's workday is full of emotions from his students. If the teacher is cheerful and open-minded, he will be on the same wave as the students. It's to present the material in the best form. That's one of the main advantages of working. You never know what will happen tomorrow.

I also like what the teacher always says about what he likes. After the lesson begins, the teacher gets to do whatever comes to his mind. It's great when you get the chance to talk about your favorite thing. You talk for forty minutes about chemistry and no one interrupts you. Besides, you may get students who love your subject. It's great to be able to share experiences, talk about things that are painful and so on.

How much in a person's life depends on who will be his teacher. After all, teachers give us not only knowledge about the subject, they teach us life, bring up in a little man different abilities. Plutarch wrote that a student is a torch to be lit. And only a real Teacher can do that. And Dmitry Mendeleev noticed: "All the pride of the Teacher is in the pupils, in the growth of

seeds sown to them". Indeed, behind the discoveries of scientists, behind the achievements of professors and scientists are always teachers.


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