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Going to the supermarket (Школьные сочинения)

Food is one thing that people can’t do without. You see, when I look into my refrigerator and see that it is nearly empty, I take a backpack and go on my usual shopping rounds. In fact, I am used to doing my shopping alone, but any person can accompany me at any time.

As you can see, the only way I do shopping is by going to the nearest supermarket because it is much more convenient and saves a lot of time. Besides, at the nearest supermarket “Кэш & Кэрри” I can find a vast array of goods at reasonable prices. This supermarket has many self-service counters where I can choose what I like and take it off the counter with my own hands. Moreover, it is open from early in the morning till late at night that is why I can take goods during the whole day.

At the entrance of the supermarket one can find a trolley or a basket.

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As usual I take a basket and go on my daily shopping route around the store which includes visits to different sections of the supermarket, such as the grocer’s, greengrocer’s, butcher’s and so on. You see, I don’t make a shopping list just because I have a good memory, and don’t load my basket with things I even don’t need.

At first, I come to the confectioner’s counter just because I have a sweet tooth and it is impossible to ignore attractively packed goods. I take off the counter a box of sweets and a bar of chocolate and go to the butcher’s department. There I take a kilo of chicken and packed chops just because I’m fond of meat. As you can see, supermarkets are laid out to make a customer pass as many shelves as possible that is why at the dairy, I can’t resist the temptation to buy a bottle of milk and a cup of yogurt. However, I never leave this place without buying a bottle of fresh water. I don’t really like going to a market and choose vegetables myself, that is why at the greengrocery, which is stocked with large variety of goods, I buy weighed and wrapped up vegetables for frying.

Well, when all the shopping is done, I join the queue and come up to a checkout. Indeed, during the rush hours, there are many people but I don’t actually consider that unacceptable. Anyway, when my turn comes, a clerk at the register scans all the stuff I have bought and put them into a bag. After that I pay for the foodstuffs by credit card, take my bag and receipt and go home.

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