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40.1 It's reported that billions of dollars are spent on space exploration projects every year. Some people believe that this money should be used to solve problems on Earth (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, our civilization is developing at a very high speed. People create new technologies

and explore different areas. Exploration of space has started recently. As a result, people know little about our Universe.Some people think that governments should stop spending a great amount of money on space explorations and pay their attention to citizens' problems.

In my opinion, people should spend money to solve issues on our planet.

Firstly, on Earth there are a lot of problems which are still not solved. For example, some countries live in poverty. Besides, year by year people face ecological problems, such as global warming, pollution of the oceans and air. These problems should be solved primarily. Secondly, scientists and cosmonauts, who explore space areas live on Earth. If governments do not care about the environment and their citizens (provide medical service, comfortable infrastructure, encourage opening new universities and other main amenities), there will not be new scientists and educated people.

However, my opponents believe that space exploration is important and has some benefits.

Firstly, each country seeks to be the first in the research space area, because it can raise international authority. Secondly, if people open other livable planets, they will be able to move to them in the future. It will be necessary

when natural resources are used up.

I can argue with my opponents. A country cannot be respected if its citizens live in poverty because not only space exploration can help a country be the first, but also the amount of madden products, competent policy and so on. As for the moving to other planets, if human beings destroy the planet, they also can destroy other planets. We should care about our planet primarily.

To sum up, space exploration is the necessary and unavoidable process. However, more attention should be paid to problems on Earth.


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