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40.1 Some people think that learning foreign languages is a waste of time and money (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays a lot of people start learning foreign languages when they are children. It is obvious that learning a foreign language takes a long time and requires a large amount of money. People hold different views about whether we spend our resources on learning languages or it is a waste of time and money and not worth it.

I strongly believe that learning languages is necessary in the modern world. To begin with, the vast majority of international companies prefer employees, who speak multiple languages. Secondly, knowing languages will be useful for household chores. For example, some regulations for instalment of devices are written in the language of the country of its origin. If you know the language, you have no need to turn to the translator.

The last but not at least, knowledge of a foreign language gives the opportunity to travel and get to know new cultures without language barrier.

However, my opponents do not see much sense in learning foreign languages. They claim that to speak some language, you need to know a big number of rules and words. That is usually considered too hard and, obviously, it requires a lot of free time. People who work or study a lot cannot devote timr

I can argue with my opponents. Knowing languages will be useful in any case. At least, you will be able to travel and watch films in the original language. Any knowledge requires time and effort. As for money, you need to pay for people’s work. A language teacher will be your mentor and will give you much irreplaceable knowledge.

To sum up, knowing languages is very useful in our world. Spending time and money on learning them will pay off.


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