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№39 и 40 Shopping online is better than shopping in the mall (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


December 8th

Dear Jenny,

Thanks a lot for your recent letter. I was glad to hear some news from you.

As for me, biology is the most challenging subject in our school. My classmates are struggling from its tangled material too. Our school has the necessary facilities to write science projects and prepare for tests. We have a library and a computer class. Yet I prefer preparing for my test at home due to the lack of distractions I have at school. Usually my preparing including reviewing of theory and doing some assignments in this subject.

By the way, what exams did your sister pass? Was she successful in them? Was she very worried before exams?

I have to go now. My parents ask me to help with my sister’s homework. Write soon!

Best wishes,


It is difficult to imagine our life without shopping.

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It affords us to get necessary food and clothes, buy things which make your life easier and more comfortable. There are various methods for making purchases, but is shopping online is better than in the mall or not?

In my opinion, buying online is rather better. Firstly, the internet helps us to save our time. There is no need to stand in the long queues we just order purchase to our own home. Secondly, the internet gives us the opportunity to find the best price for goods we need to buy and compare and compare different models of it to choose the best one. Finally, if we can’t find the product we need in our country we can order in through the internet from another one instead of malls which trade products within one country.

However, there are some people who believe that shopping in the mall is better. They consider that only in the mall people can see the real size and look of goods they need, determine its quality. Besides, consumers can try on clothes or try out the new gadget before buying it.

This question is quite debatable and I respect another opinion. But I am sure that online shopping is not worse, but even much better. Many online stores nowadays allow people the same that mall can offer including trying on clothes or checking the quality of goods before payment. Most of all, websites give more profound information about the products they sell than you can read and learn in the mall.

To sum up, shopping has strongly influenced people life. There are a lot of styles and ways of shopping, but I believe that shopping online is better than in the mall. Simply to buy something using the internet is rather easier and more convenient. Besides, it saves our valuable time which we can use doing really significant things.

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