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Our appearance can say a lot about us (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There is no single opinion if people should consider the way of how a person looks the main criterion to judge him or her. Some people claim that as a person makes first impression by his of her look mostly it has a prevailing importance. However, others claim that evaluation of someone only by his or her image may turn out into a fallacy. Let us consider both opinions in detail.

As for me, a lot can be found about a person’s character and lifestyle from his or her image. To begin with, many people nowadays enjoy expressing their interests through their clothes with prints, accessories such as badges, pins etcetera, and tattoos. Therefore, by carefully observing person’s looks anyone can figure out their hobbies and interests. Moreover, appearance can also say a lot about wealth.

If a person is neat, wears brand clothes and expensive-looking accessories, his or her level of income is obviously high, and vice versa.

However, some people disagree with this position. They claim that appearance is not the main factor while judging a person. Firstly, appearance is the most changeable and unsustainable characteristic, that is why you may form a wrong opinion about someone you meet for the first time. Secondly, not everyone can afford the opportunity to express himself or herself with some special clothes, makeup, hairstyle and so on.

Still I cannot share this opinion because many psychologists say that we choose our clothes and haircut in accordance to our temperament. According to them, energetic and sociable people prefer wearing bright clothes while calm and shy people usually wear simple, not colourful items.

Overall, despite certain arguments against, there is no doubt for me that appearance can say a lot about us. Everyday we all are judged by our colleagues and friends, who can decide on numerous things about us based on how we look, from our wealth to our interests and character.


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