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Is it a good idea for a child to look after a pet from a young age? + letter (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There is a good tendency for people to pay more and more attention to their children education. For this reason, parents use different ways to teach their children these qualities. They buy special toys, books and even give them pets. But is it a reasonable idea for a child to look after a pet?

In my opinion, it is not just a good idea, it is great. Firstly, taking care of a pet teaches a child how to be responsible and allows to improve this quality. Secondly, a home pet is like a close friend who is attentive, funny and curious, therefore, a kid will never be bored again. Thirdly, such relations between a child and a pet make kids friendlier and kinder with other pets and surely with other children.

However, some people think that it is not a good idea for a child to look after a pet.

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They consider it is too early for children to have such an enormous responsibility. Both child and animal can harm each other in different ways. Besides, pets require loads of attention and care about it can be very distractive for the growing child.

But I believe that it is a great idea because a pet is like a bright sunshine ray, which supports you and improves your mood constantly. This influence will not be distractive vice versa it will help a child be more confident and calmer while speaking with other children.

In conclusion, it is worth to say that having a pet not only just affords a child increase numerous valuable qualities, but has more days of fun and happiness during school and household routine.

Nizhny Novgorod



Dear Bill,

Thanks for your recent letter. I was glad to hear some news from you.

As for me, I see my future career connected with medicine area because I’m brilliant at chemistry and biology. These subjects are essential if you’re thinking about becoming a medicine worker. I want to bring value to the whole society rescuing people lives and healing them from diseases. So, I’ve recently decided to choose surgery because this profession will afford me greatly help others and at the same time earn pretty good money satisfying my family needs.

By the way, what about you? What country are you going to visit soon? Would you like to see my homeland? Do you usually devise journey route beforehand?

I’m sorry, now I need to help my parents. Write soon!

Best wishes,


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