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The Internet is the greatest evil of our time (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There is no doubt that the Internet is one of the main technological inventions in the history of mankind. A big number of people think that life will be impossible without WWB. Others consider that the cyberdomain will dume us by demolishing our conscious.

In my opinion, people won't allow to do some living things without Internet as it's the maim assistant for them.First of all, the Interweb provides us an opportunuty to make friends with people from different countries and different backgrounds more easily usinig special programmes like Instagramm, Skype, viber etc. moreover, it is an endless source of all kinds of information. People all round the world have an access to find any information that doesn't classify by governments.

Nevertheless, some people might think differently. They would argue that The Internet has lots of disadvantages. Nowadays the major problem of the WWB is that it is full of unknown dangerous humans like terrorists, child rapist, hackers who commit plunder, murder people, steal imformation, enroll humans into prohibited organization, sects, step up whoredom, drugs etc.

As for me, I cannot agree with the previous opinion.I am sure that today with social networks and high-current systems web crimes caan be suppressed by security services and FBI.They find criminals using their addresses or mobiles, catch them and arrest.Because of this we can say that with WWB helping hand police chevies bad guys and sell them to the prison.

To sum up, I do belive that with ceberdomain we are a generation that can find any content for leisure, etertainment, education, can watch any video and listen to foreign music etc.

Of course, WWB has lots of disadvantages but, obvisiously, people can't imagine theit lives without it.

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