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Internet is the biggest evil of our time (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The question of the internet has aroused sharp debates. Some people are convinced that the internet is useless and a waste of time, while others reckon that it helps many students better study, also we can speak and see our relatives through thousands of miles. Let us considering pros and cost.

In my opinion, the internet is the best invention in the modern world. Firstly, learning foreign languages has become easier. Everyone can watch TV shows and films in Spanish, English, Italian, or speak with native speaker, moving her or his skill of languages. Secondly, some years ago nobody could not imagine that people would see and tell news, but now it is possible.

Finally, many of us like traveling, and because of the internet books room in the hotel has become more comfortable.

On the other hand, such invention as the internet can negatively impact on humans. First, children and teenagers, even adults immerse in alternative reality and cannot go out of that, watching TV shows or playing computer games. Therefore, it causes problems with studying or a job. Sometimes a person is dismissed or forced out of university.

Despite my respect for this opinion, I do not agree with statement, but I think that the internet takes us many opportunities. We should separate working and entertainment. Moreover, frequently the internet is used to learn something and work on it or find a well-paid job.

The internet is our helper. We just use it correctly and profitably.

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