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notion (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Under the notion of destiny is taken that life, which is inscribed by the higher mind. There are people who believe in destiny, they carry them through life, they do not want to do anything to change. So it's even simpler, the word fate said, and took all responsibility away from himself.

You are not guilty of anything, it's all destiny - a villain. Why get up and do something, why stir your brains, make any decisions, change anything. In my opinion, this is how the cowardly nature act, it is always difficult to walk in a new, unknown way. Take responsibility for their actions, deeds.

There are other people who do not believe in fate, but believe in a person, they themselves are the builders of their lives. They do not obey the generally accepted rules, of course within reason, go against the current, change the course of life.

All this is beautifully tracked in literary works.

Take, for example, Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel "Crime and Punishment", this topic is excellently open there. Marmeladov chose the path of drunkenness, he lost his job, realizing that the family could be lost without the money earned. He has the audacity to lower his wife's money, this weak-willed, weak-willed person.

Sonia, his daughter, could not calmly look at the deplorable situation. Suffering stepmother, children's tears pushed her not quite to the right decision, she is on the road to selling her own body. Nevertheless, the dirt seems to depart from it, Sonya does not lose hope and faith in God, people. She has such feelings as compassion, mercy.

She decides on such a hard cross as the division of hard labor with a loved one. She made such a tough choice herself. In this girl we notice a strong character, she has a pivot that helps her not to break, but to resist life's trials.

People need to think about the trials of life, to understand that they are masters of their being. Do not be afraid of responsibility, go ahead to happiness, life. And to life as an action. It is necessary, sometimes against the opinions of others, falling and rising again, to go forward, while striving to become better. We need to give all our efforts to achieve any goal.

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