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Under what condition a person works well in the chosen specialty - that is the problem over which professor M.M. Gromov argues. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Under what condition a person works well in the chosen specialty - that is the problem over which professor M.M. Gromov argues.

The author, reflecting on the question posed, expresses his own version of the answer, in the correctness of which he is convinced. Anyone who quickly learns in flying, music, visual arts and other activities, "works well for this specialty." MM Gromov, as proof of his point of view, gives an example of holding a difficult and prestigious music competition in Belgium, one of the conditions of which is the work of the contestant on a new concert specially written for him, which he must learn during the week.

The example given by the author of our participant who coped with the task for 4 days and struck the orchestra and conductor with magnificent performance is a bright confirmation of the author's idea!

Determine the position of MM Gromov simply: it's good to work in the chosen specialty will be someone who quickly learns.

I agree with the opinion of the author. Success during the development of a chosen specialty is a pledge that a person will become a professional in his field. Our prose writers and publicists have written about this many times.

So, in Y.P.German's trilogy "I am responsible for everything" it is told about the talented doctor Vladimir Ustimenko, who, while still studying at the medical institute, assisted his teachers, quickly mastering the basics of such a complex but interesting science as surgery.

On the Internet, on the site "Vocational guidance", I got acquainted with the interview of the coder Ivan Shinkarenko, whose specialty was administrative management. His enthusiasm for the work of the coder began with the fact that Ivan wanted to launch a student magazine at his institute and faced the problem of his layout and layout. The first few numbers were invited by the make-up artist, but as a result I realized that it is very difficult to combine the layout of the number and the writing of the material. In order not to be constantly attached to someone, he decided to study this program and to do layout and layout of the magazine himself. Step by step, consulting with the professionals of this case, studying the necessary literature, Ivan not only received the necessary knowledge, but also mastered a rare prestigious specialty.

Thus, a person only then will work well in the chosen specialty, when he demonstrates in the process of mastering the speed of mastering the basics of the case.

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