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Maternal love is inexhaustible - this is the problem posed by the famous Soviet writer A. Fadeyev in his essay. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Maternal love is inexhaustible - this is the problem posed by the famous Soviet writer A. Fadeyev in his essay.

This eternal moral question, over which the author reflects, is very salutary. Malicious because mother, as in the Middle Ages, and now - the only person for a son or daughter who never betrays, fails, deceives.

A. Fadeev deeply penetrates into the very essence of the problem.

The author tells about his past and his beloved mother. As if asking for her forgiveness, he talks about the sad moments that she lived at her grave. A. Fadeyev warns us, young people, not to do with the attitude to mothers of what we will regret until the end of our days.

I agree with the author's opinion: the mother is the person who will comfort, understand and forgive at any moment of our life. Her love is a great power that helps us in the hardest moments of life.

In the newspaper "Arguments and Facts" I recently got acquainted with the diary entries of Yuri Nikulin. I was shocked by the words of a wonderful artist that he ceased to feel a child only when his mother passed away. Yu Nikulin in those years was over 60!

Never will such a hero write a story of E. Karpov, a Stavropol writer, "My name is Ivan." He will not write because he did not believe in the power of maternal love, after a terrible wound in the war decided not to return home. Mother, accidentally met in the train of a blind, aged person, recognizes a son by voice, rushes to him. Simon will push it away, called a different name. When he comes to, he realizes who he pushed, his mother will not be alive ... I do not even want to imagine what the hero thought, throwing a handful of earth into the grave of the woman who loved him so much ...

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